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Is there any business, brand, or blog out there that would say no to more web traffic? Even sites with hundreds of thousands of page views per month are always seeking ways to improve and expand. After all, increased web traffic = increased leads and sales, and a chance to gain another loyal, satisfied customer.

Is there any business, brand, or blog out there that would say no to more web traffic? Even sites with hundreds of thousands of page views per month are always seeking ways to improve and expand. After all, increased web traffic = increased leads and sales, and a chance to gain another loyal, satisfied customer.

Though most of us recognize the value of boosting web traffic, we struggle tremendously with implementing it. It’s not enough to simply create a fantastic website or gain social media followers. Even nuggets of outstanding content displayed proudly on your website won’t do the trick.
The cause? Growing website traffic does not rely on a single stream to keep it flowing steadily. Instead, a holistic approach that must be applied. In healthy union, many different tools and techniques working in tandem can bring traffic to a site. Each tactic for growing an online presence (social media, SEO, content) supports the other—and really cannot stand alone.

Ready for the secret? You can give your web traffic a killer boost by diversifying your funnels, reaching a continually fresh, unique audience that yields ripe leads and opportunities. Make this work for your web traffic now with these 6 actionable steps:

Keep on trucking with on-going SEO.

You can’t simply optimize your site a single time and then let the magic happen. The sensitive SEO magic requires maintenance and adjustment to work. Even though it can be expensive, SEO is still the #1 traffic generator and closes 14.6% of leads. And ongoing SEO is necessary to ensure you continually retain your competitive edge.

Backlinks (links from other sites back to yours) are an important element in a strong SEO strategy. But these aren’t achieved overnight. In fact, it’s the slow burn of relationship building that makes ongoing SEO so very vital. Developing connections is a gradual process requiring time and attention (as well as the proper approach). If you hope to obtain high-quality backlinks from authoritative, reputable sites—a major SEO win—this integral aspect of your strategy can’t be rushed.

And it’s not only about backlinks. One of the linchpins of ongoing SEO is the application of analytics. Careful tracking of your SEO efforts allows for improvements and even total overhauls, if necessary. Measuring your traffic with data, including referral sources and point of entry to your site is a huge part of SEO success. Are competitors catching up to your keyword success? Re-evaluate and adjust. Ongoing SEO is what gives you the opportunity to build on existing rankings and keep gaining more traffic. Reviewing your strategies also enables you to adapt to any search engine algorithm changes—when Google changes its ranking criteria for sites. Those who go with the flow tend to be the businesses that thrive.

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Make your content go further.

It’s no secret that creating great content is a major part of driving web traffic to your site. Blogs, infographics, podcasts, and ebooks are just a few of the pieces of content you can create. But is it just enough to generate this content on your site? Push it out there to the masses.

Make your content please the search engines (Optimize).

It’s not just your main web pages that require rich keywords and optimization. You must do this for your blog posts and other content to give it its maximum value potential. In fact, depending on search terms, it is often not your main page but your content which is more likely to show up in results.

Republish your articles on other sites (Syndicate).

Your website probably doesn’t have the reach of a major publication. Syndication can fix that. Republishing a piece of existing content on sites like Huffington Post and Entrepreneur are opportunities to build serious clout. The links from these sites not only give your site’s Domain Authority a boost (a metric which aids SEO) but allows you to reach a far wider audience. You guessed it: web traffic.

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Rock some video content.

No matter your niche, video marketing can be an enormous way to generate insane web traffic. Compared with other social media, YouTube consistently performs better, with more users spending time on the platform and more pages accessed per visit. And the growth of Snapchat and the new Instagram feature “Stories” point to the global domination of video as well. As a content marketing tool, video is here to stay. With quality video production and editing, you could create a single piece of content that will bring you more traffic than you ever imagined.

And a major bonus? Google now ranks YouTube videos alongside websites, bringing up relevant videos in the results when users search. This makes it essential to optimize your YouTube videos and channel with the right relevant keywords, ensuring you have maximized the opportunity to come up in the desired keyword search. Not sure what type of video to make? Tips and “how-to” videos perform excellently in web search. Don’t forget to include links to your site and social media with your videos to funnel that video traffic into valuable website traffic.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Pinterest.

Are you using Pinterest? No longer just for recipes and home decor ideas, Pinterest is a massive source of traffic for websites across all industries. But shockingly, it is often underestimated by business owners. Allowing for attractive, easily digestible content, the average pin on Pinterest is repinned (shared) countless times. Attached to a pin is a link to a site—it could be yours! Pins can showcase products, share valuable infographics you’ve created, or link to individual blog posts. In fact, more than 14 million articles are pinned every day, and ⅔ of all pinned content comes from a business’ website. Those are statistics you can’t ignore.

Like most methods for driving web traffic, Pinterest requires time and dedication. It also needs to be done right. Most of us don’t have the time available to spend hours per day pinning away, so consider outsourcing. You can also investigate scheduling and automation services which can make your Pinterest activity a total breeze. Some of the most effective are Boardbooster and Massplanner. When used correctly, Pinterest can bring marked increases in website traffic, but also serves as a strong lead generator, especially for businesses selling goods. Since you have the option to create product rich pins, users who interact with these are already showing an interest in an item you offer. Pinterest is an easy way to increase your chances of landing a sale ten-fold, it’s a no-brainer not to get on board ASAP.

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Learn about remarketing on Facebook & Twitter.

New traffic is great, but highly-targeted repeat traffic can be even better. These people are likely to be or become your tribe; your loyal customers who bring you frequent business and even share your brand with their friends and social media followers. Finding the web users who have already visited your site is a powerful method of utilizing warm leads. Crafting ads that aim to reach these precise people is a savvy form of marketing known as remarketing.

While retargeting can take many forms, one of the easiest to manage is Facebook remarketing. You may already know that you can strictly define an audience for a targeted Facebook ad. Plenty of criteria gives you the ability to focus on teeny-tiny audiences, which, based on marketing research, are the ones most likely to click through on your ad. Yet, did you know that this targeted audience can be built from users who have already accessed your website? This is where Facebook marketing gets smart.

Using a small code known as a tracking pixel, you can track those individuals who have visited your website. When you run an ad on Facebook, if you use the tracked audience, you can ensure that only those people who have been to your site are shown your ad on Facebook. To some customers, the appearance of such ads can seem like the work of a mind reader, but in reality, it’s the efficient functioning of a remarketing strategy. Gearing your posts strongly towards those who already have shown an interest in your brand results in better click-through rates and site visits that are 70% more likely to lead to conversions.

*Pro tip: Having more people clicking on your ad also means that your costs per click will decrease over time. Your Facebook ads will be cheaper to promote. Hooray!

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Make sure your website is up to speed—literally!

Today’s society is fast-paced and demanding. Web users want answers and information, and they want it now. Can your website keep up?

Statistics clearly show that slow sites kill business. In fact, if your site doesn’t load within 3 seconds, 40% of visitors will click away. It’s, therefore, vital to ensure your site experiences minimal loading delay. Your web developer can handle this, fixing bugs and finding smart ways to shave seconds and milliseconds off your loading time. Your website Pro can also administer regular updates to keep your site operating at its prime.

When it comes to creating a site that retains its visitors, it’s not just about speed, either. Web users need simple-to-use, clear sites that function as expected. Buttons should work, photos should load, and most of all—your e-commerce areas such as shopping carts and checkout pages should go off without a hitch. If your customers encounter significant challenges on your website, chances are high they’ll abandon their purchase and head off to complete it with one of your competitors. To keep traffic coming in, a navigable site that works great on both laptop and mobile device are truly non-negotiable.

Build your own #1 resource: your email list.

When looking for ways to increase your web traffic, be sure not to neglect the method that boasts one of the highest records of success. With an average 3800% return on investment, that method is email marketing.

Set apart from the clutter and overwhelm of social media, email marketing is a direct path to your customer. Triggered emails, which are automated based on a customer’s buying patterns, are shown to be even more efficient. And to boot, customers like email. 72% of people claimed they prefer to receive promotional content via email rather than social media.

If improving web traffic is your goal, you’ll need a solid call to action at the end of those personalized, targeted emails, directing your customer to visit your website, check out a new product, or take advantage of a sale. But with a better click through rate, you’ve already won half the battle. Clearly, email marketing trumps social media marketing on many levels.

And best of all, email marketing is a resource that you 100 percent own. There is incredible value in that email list, and you can take it with you even if you transfer mail providers. Social media platforms, conversely, can shut down on a whim (Vine..anyone), and poof, your followers have disappeared with no way of retrieving them. The moral? Guard your email list carefully and nurture it well. You just may find it becomes the #1 source of all your web traffic.

Ready? You can start implementing these six strategies today, and then let us know how your results fare! Want to delve deeper? We can help! Contact our team at Simple Solutions.io today, and we’ll get the ball rolling on sending your traffic soaring.

What web traffic strategies have you used to increase your website’s traffic?

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